Thursday, September 24, 2009

Clarifying HX is a saddist

So, recently, the HX forced me to post stuff in her blog as well, since she was lazy, and thought that simply blogging about her love life is non-productive, and would like some of my 1337 in there.
And, she's even asked Dan to blog for her now, since she's that deprived oh.
So, this post was to post out, all of my HX self pwnt pictures, since she's such a saddist, but doesn't admit so.

So, this is HX !

Saddist yea ?
And, a little while after she used this, she swapped to this, to show her sorrow.

Hais her, but she still reveals her sadistic nature, by talking bout blood and stuff.

She then, realises it's evitable that she loses, since she can't suppress her sadistic nature.

She then proceeds to show me her feelings ;<

Don't hate me ! I'm just revealing facts :O

But, she finally admits she's a stalker :O

Oh, and a teaser for the next post

YES, it shall be about the BJF named Zhu.

Pewpew to you all.


EienShouko9:57 PM.