Sunday, September 27, 2009


Oh hello nerds.
I'm considering posting the Zhu and Dan conspiracy to get Zhu to rape HX, by bribing him with Mousehunt gold.
However, if i'd post that, i'd have to get permission from HX, or she might totally hate me in future, and that ain't fun, since i can't follow up on the Zhu BJF HX saga.
So, i'd post the conspiracy if permission is granted.
For now, enjoy these :

Proof that Zhu is fugly desu :

And, he claims he ain't fugly last time :O

The victims of his rapepath warpath :

Hais him, and he's still not saddistfied himself.

And, shortly after i told him i took those Screenshots from yesterday, he told me this :

Do note that the screenshots from yesterday were kept for a period of time before they were posted, and this too, was kept. However, it's definitely taken after yesterday's, and i'd have the message log as proof to back me up.
And, this was just an empty claim, he hasn't jumped at all :O

Now, we see, whether Zhu's a failure, like we all think he is, or is he not ? :

He claimed he was a failure himself desu, so, it's definitely true !
Also, it's double fail on his part, since he claimed himself to be fail, making all his past excuses invalid.

Oh, and the manga comments shall be delayed, since Ane Doki still ain't out, and i couldn't complete the post without Ane Doki, so, you'd have to wait till tomorrow.

PewPew to you.


EienShouko8:53 PM.