Sunday, September 20, 2009

Manga Digest of the week

Naruto : Gaara joins the fight between Sasuke and the Raikage, utilising his absolute defence to counter Amaterasu. Raikage cuts off his own arm and is currently healed by Shi. Gaara and several shinobi join forces to attack Sasuke, forcing Sasuke to reveal his own susanoo, and Karin claims that his chakra is a far cry from previously, being too 'cold'.

Comments : Next chapter's going to be pretty meh IMO, i'm predicting Sasuke wipes them out easily, then Naruto arrives just as he hits them all unconcious.

Bleach : It is revealed that Shunsui was the one who stabbed Stark. He explains the powers of his Katen Kyototsu, which is to make Children's games become reality.
Stark reminsces about his past, with him being too strong, and without a companion due to his power. He splitted his soul into two because of that, and that he wants someone as strong as himself to be his companion. Stark figures out Shunsui's powers, and counterattacks, wounding Shunsui. Shunsui throws his Cloak at Stark, before saying 'black'. Stark gets slashed badly.

Comments : I wouldn't think Stark will die from his that hit, next chapter might be even more fighting.

Hitman Reborn : Vongola base gets attacked by Zakuro, and Squallo stays behind to defend. Haru suggests going to a Realtor's house. Squallo gets beaten up badly, and Vongola base blows up. The Realtor is revealed to be a weird man, who knows about the funeral wreaths.

Comments : I'm predicting the next chapter would be about that mysterious man, and how he's related. Or we'd get to his prowess, then realise he's some envoy of Lemitsu or the 9th or something.

Record of Fallen Vampire : Yuuki's past is revealed, and how she first met the Black Swan, in the hospital, when she got into an accident and broke her legs. Nothing much in this chapter.

Comments : Looks like the climax is coming soon, with the scientists claiming that the test was done.

Ane Doki : Kouta gets insulted by Chiaki for being dirty, and she questions Kouta about his feelings towards Natsuki. Natsuki encourages Kouta to ask Sakurai out for a Fireworks festival, which he succeeds in doing.

Comments : Still pretty meh IMO, the plot's unfolding steadyily though.

Mahou Sensei Negima
: Colonel invites konoe and eva to a teaparty, hinting the possibilty of several secrets of the magic world. The Governor of Ostia invites Negi into his VIP room, and reveals his true enemy, the Senate of Megalo Mesembria. Negi punches him in Anger.

Comments : A fight might begin ! I look forward to the next chapter. Though, i'd think bringing Nodoka, Chisame and Asakura were the wrong choice, and he should have brought some fighters along.

Anyway, here's one of my recent uploads : Umineko no Naku koro ni ED



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