Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So, lately, i've been addicted to making remarks containing pewpew in them. It just sounds plain funny, because, it's so stupid, i'd think it kills all seriousness.
And, here's a post schedule or something :
Sunday : Expect Random Stuff desu.
Monday : Probably will random as well.
Tuesday : Random as well, derpderp.
Wednesday : Bleach Post, and some random stuff
Thursday : Naruto Shippuuden post, and some pewpew random stuff.
Friday : Expect several posts perhaps, mostly will be bout dota and stuff.
Saturday : Manga digest, and pewpew.

So, today's animu were pretty stupid.

Bleach #238 : Ichigo continues to chase after what he thought to be Byakuya, and ended up meeting Tobiume, and Haineko. They briefly fight him, before Matsumoto and Hinamori arrive, and take over.
Ichigo continues to search for Byakuya, and meets Hyourinmaru, who claims he doesn't know his name, nor his wielder. Animu ends with Hitsugaya fighting Hyourinmaru.

Comments : Pretty boring episode, with almost zero fighting, but Haineko and Tobiume's jokes spice it up.

Yoku Gendai Mahou #11 : Ghostscipt Mias explains more about her actions, but still, the ending's a cliffhanger, whereby she claims she's doing the 'best course of action'.
And, at the end of the episode, Yumiko gets possessed by Flamalaacia.

Comments : Is it just me, or does Flammalaacia sound like some Lama or something. And, flamma Yumiko looks hella nice :O

And, i'd probably upload all my pewpew collection of self pwnt pictures tomorrow or the day after, since i can't be bothered to rename them one by one now :/


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