Saturday, September 19, 2009

So, the first actual post

Well, hai there, to whoever's reading this crap.
So, i've got bored, and somehow had the idea of creating a new blog, due to the limited stuff i could post on my previous few blogs ; A shared blog with a close friend, A Song release group, A Guild Blog, and a class blog, and some project work blogs.
So, this blog's supposed to be random of random, and i could freely post anything i'd like here, since there're no set terms, and it doesn't have any deadlines or whatsoever.
So, this post shall be the introduction desu.

So, this blog currently has two writers ; Myself ( EienPala / KuroMiya ), and XiiaoSilent, probably my best pal online.

EienPala ; I'd be the one posting more on anime updates, some certain hilarious pictures i come across while browsing the net, some random stuff i'd come up with on the spot or wut.
Expect Dota, and some VNs as well, and perhaps even Song uploads.

Xiiaosilent ; I'd be the one posting nonsensical mangas that're worth your so valuable time to read. Along with some facebook rants from Andrew, though lesser now as he achieved his Hydra with BPs, oh well. In exceptional addition, maybe hx's emo side in audition.

Well, that's all for this post, more shall come in the future.


EienShouko11:26 PM.