Monday, September 28, 2009

This is just a filler

So, Ane Doki's still not out yet, and, i'd expect it to be dead, since it's just overrated, and the major groups might drop it soon.
So, well, i'd still wait for it till wednesday at most, then i'd do the manga post along with Bleach.
So, Fall Anime's coming out, and if you've been following the blog since i started posting, you would have known that we've done a Fall Anime Preview.
So, the first episode's already out, and, to those still living under a rock, it's Queen's Blade ; Heir to the throne.
So, figured something from Queen's Blade ? I'd give you a hint, Action and juggernauts.
If not, i'd recommend you totally drop that, since you've obviously not got the hint, and i'd think the time's not right for you.

Anyway, Letter Bee special was released as well, as the major summer animes begin ending.
Saki's end was pretty meh though, with them just playing 'happily ever after' and all.
I hate those endings, seriously, i'd prefer a proper ending.

So, this post was here, because Pala wanted to kill his school time away, while the teacher blabbers on about Geography, Pollution, and Global Warming.
And, since this was done in school, i'd have nothing to offer you, except some random gibberish which you're currently reading.

So, Pewpew to you, and yes, this is exclusive to this blog, it shall not be posted anywhere else !


EienShouko8:22 AM.