Saturday, September 19, 2009

well this'll be new, it seemed one piece is still on the introduction of other pirates ever since 5 chapters ago. And Luffy's crew haven't arrived, guessing another 13 chapters ._. Epicphail value of 9.5 -.-

record of fallen vampire is going into the standard vampire-story phase of omgwtfbbq what do I do now since I've encountered a problem and can't save those who are precious to me? Well they should just eat'em up t-.-t

The only manga that's ongoing and interesting currently has to be the daily scanalated Bloody Monday. It's a pretty much heretic storyline that of a chinese TV drama but with that extra supernaturality.

And after a few chapters of Kampfer, imma wanting the anime to not give in any fillers :P
++ for the pleasure of pala,


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