Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zhu's Jokes

So, i heard i forgot all about the Zhu's nerd pictures, and just plainly played the new hentai visual novel game i downloaded <3
Sorry bout that, so ima promise a double post tomorrow, one will be about the ahem between Zhu and HX, the other shall be about Manga of the week desu. Can't do the Manga of the week today, since Ane Doki's not uot yet, as of when i'm typing this post. And, Negima ain't done either :/

So, we can't really call this a dissing post, without posting epic failure pictures of Zhu !

So i heard that Dan likes to mass invite people for no apparent reason, other then to kill time, and perhaps help me gather some epic pictures of people !

Oh, and to those who don't get it, these are quotes from zhu, before he leaves a conversation, laugh at them if you will.

#Comments : And Chidori knocks you back in !

#Comments : Thunderbolt hits you back in !

#Comments : Ain't gonna do that, go to HX instead.

#Comments : ZOMG, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu betrayed you, and pulled you back in !

#Comments :: NO WAI, i ain't stopping, i'd hit you out, and pull you back in for another beating.

#Comments : Blow Blow Blow, Blow the Pig back in, anyway, nobody would dare blow the BlowJobFish.

#Comments : I'd pour cement into your hole when you're done, and, may i request you leave it shallow ? So i can save on cement money ? *Check below for the meaning of meep*

#Comments : You ain't buying me over with just this :O

#Comments : Apparently, Zhu likes Pokemon. I'd pray he gets raped by one.

#Comments : That was random, i'd counter with Shounen Jump, AKAMARU JUMP AND lala ! Manga magazines > single titles !

#Comments : No wai, it's time for digimon !

Did that shatter your mind ? I hope not, since if your mind shattered from jsut that, you wouldn't be able to withstand the next post, which is pure win.

Also, Meep stands for wanting to blow Dan, which means zhu and dan are gaysmexmates Partners in crime.

Also, a little gift for you all, the complete pack of pictures, that i've posted up till now, since most of my picture links broke, since Photobucket fucked them up, due to my bandwidth reaching it's limits.

Click to Download

Pewpew to you all desu, and i'd smack myself crazy with animu once more :/


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